can't you see the sunshine….

Begining to pack

Nothing like a packing post to start a new blog…..


When we moved here, almost 10 years ago, we came with 21 suitcases/bags and shipped another 41 boxes.  I am determined for this move back that we will not be shipping as many boxes.  I have already pointed out to Ben that his stereo system and speakers which would be at least 4 boxes and has already been shipped from Germany to America to Italy and was at least 20 years old might not be making the trip.  We would just buy something new and smaller.  Grudgely, he agreed.

Then we started to talk about the CDs.


We have a lot of CDs

about 150 of them.  I looked in to ways to handle them.  We could buy a hard drive and transfer them on to that.  (cost, time)  We could transfer them to the ‘cloud’.  (cost, time)  Or we could move them.  Online I found the suggestion that it is possible to get rid of the hard plastic cases.  Inexpensively!


Ladies and Gentleman!  We have a winner!!!!!  For a little over 5 Euros, at the Chinese Dollar store I bought 200 light weight protective sleeves.  And transformed…


That tall stack on the right into the short stack on the left!   Horray!  Now if I can just figure out how to do this with the china that I want to bring back…..





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