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Ben’s Birthday

Ben’s birthday was July 1. We celebrated on the 30th by having brunch at Poole’s Diner in downtown Raleigh.

We were a big group so we had to wait for a table. So we had a drink while we were waiting. It was not hard to get Ben in and out of the restaurant. Food and service were good. Sorry no food pics. I felt like it was a nice size meal, without feeling stuffed and without dragging home left overs. I would certainly go back.

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Spring Farmers’ Market Visit

A few days ago I finally wandered out to the State Farmers’ Market, here in Raleigh. If you go on a weekday, the crowds are not too bad. Here is my haul for the trip

In Italy, I used to buy fresh, in-shell English peas at the regular grocery store. They were a little bit pricy, but in season they were so good. I would buy a big ole bag and shell them. There was a Julia Child and Jacques Pepin cooking show where they compared in their fresh pea cooking methods. I don’t remember Jacques’ method, only Julia’s. In a sauce pan, tiny amount of water, hunk of cold butter, kosher salt and a bit of sugar. Then get your hands in there and ‘bruise’ the peas. Cover and cook for a few minutes. Ben and I would squabble over these they were so good. Then the dog who moved with us to Italy, ‘the Sainted Siena’ discovered them and started demanding her share. Our grocery budget was shot.

These were sugar snaps so I just cleaned them up a bit and lightly steamed them. I also got some fresh, new crop red potatoes. Freshly dug potatoes are as good as freshly picked corn or properly ripened and stored summer tomatoes. Our friend BK, brought to Italy some of her Momma’s freshly dug potatoes. They were about the best I have ever had.

And I got some strawberries. They were certainly better than store bought but I thought they were a little watery.

I feel for the farmers. We have had wild Spring weather. A good bit of rain but it could have been spaced a little better. (Really! Seven weekends in a row, RAIN!) Monday, the 13th there were tornados close by. And hail. Then there was a cool spell when night temps dropped to the 40s. And now it is in the 90s during the day and will stay that way with small chances of rain for at least the next week. I’ll spare you whining about the hail damage to my Elephant Ear Forest.


Summer has arrived

Written July 20, 2017



Finally, a peach sandwich.  One of my absolute favs.  One thing that I missed so much in Italy.  Yes, Michael, Italy has peaches but a strange variety that was never juicy and flavourful.  And we rarely visited the US in the summer so I don’t think I have had one of these for ten years or so.  I make cinnamon toast, then slice the peach on it, sprinkle some more cinnamon on and ohhhhh, Heaven right here in Carolina!   One of the things I was most excited about coming back for.  It’s the small stuff that makes life worth living for.


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