can't you see the sunshine….

What will they do next

Guest Post: By Guppy, The Lucky Dog 3

She Who Must Be Obeyed says I have to write a post before I can go sit outside. REALLY! I’m kind’ gettin’ tired of them bein’ around all the time. It has made me feel more secure so I’m not droppin’ as much hair as I used to.

We haven’t been doin’ too much different than normal except they don’t go anywhere. I mean, sometimes She will go out for a little bit. But I haven’t sat up on my perch at the front windows in I don’t know how long. I stay with Ben when She goes out. And I still sit in his lap every morning to check how he is doin’ and all.

There have been some big storms. And one night those evil squirrels sat up in the trees and threw all kinds of limbs and stuff down.

She is doin’ all this gardenin’ and spring stuff. Draggin’ things out. Into my space.

And now this week they have started goin’ to exercise classes on ZOOM whatever that is.

I tell you, it’s just embarrassing. Watchin’ these old people dancin’ around. They laugh and sing….. She says that is one of the places that they used to go to. She says they are goin’ to be doin’ these classes online until JUNE!!!!!! Oh, I just don’t know. Oh well, I’m gonna post this so I can sit on the deck now. Stay calm and kepp your paws clean.

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Well, have you been doing anything?

My goodness, yes!

I like to bat my ideas around for a bit before I take action on them. After I finished mounting and displaying some of my Mother’s jewelry I realized my Father had a lot too. You can revisit the post about my Mother’s jewelry here

I found that my Father had a collection of gold basketballs that he was awarded as the coach of a city league basketball team. These are just too cute. Some made by Josten and some made by Balfour.

I was showing these to our friends Pat and Debby and their comments made me realize that since I had so many of them I needed to show them with movement, rather than just mounted. It took a long time before I came up with the idea to make ‘graphic novel’ mounts. It took even longer to find the right size canveses. I found these great little canvases at our Dollar store. So here it is




These are hung on the opposite side of the windows from my Mother’s jewelery.

My assistant, passed out from over work.

That left all my Father’s US Army insignia and medals. Those small canvases were just what I needed and they would fit perfectly under the window.

I’m real pleased with how these have turned out. It is nice to be able to see things from my parents each night before I go to sleep.

And I have been knitting. Most of my knitting is donated. I don’t knit anything complicated. But I added these little bows to this scarf which makes it just a little bit different. A little more ‘girly’.

Stay safe. Go wash your hands and keep your paws clean.

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It's a dog's world

Guest Post: By Guppy, the Lucky Dog 3

She Who Must Be Obeyed has tried to explain it to me. I don’t much care about the whys or hows, I just know that She and My Ben are home! Like all the time. It is so wonderful!

The wetaher has turned nice so when they start to get on my nerves I can sit on the deck.

She says I have invented a game. Every morning I sit outside to watch my sweet little birds having their breakfast. That nasty squirrel tries to horn in on their breakfast. I wait until that nasty squirrel gets comfortable and then I ‘fake’ lunge at it. Ohhhhh, that nasty squirrel runs off. It is so fun. I settle down and we do it all over again. She says that the dog they had in Italy, Nerone, (I think he was The Lucky Dog 2) played almost the same game with the chickens. She seems to like it that I play this game.

And thank goodness all that silly basketball has ended. I am finally able to take a decent nap without She getting all excited and yelling and all. So I don’t know all the whys and whatevers. I do know, Keep Calm unless you are faking out a nasty squirrel and keep your paws clean!

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I’m a Calendar Girl

Guest Post: Guppy, the Lucky Dog 3

She Who Must Be Obeyed made me wait to write this. I had to wait until everyone got their calendar and finally they did. Saving Grace made a fund raising calendar and I got to be part of it.

I’m in the month of May, because that is when I came to live with She and Ben. See, I’m May 5th. Pretty cool….

I was real happy to see this cartoon.

I was not happy to see this evil squirrel eating my pricy birdseed

Oh, well, one day…..

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Christmas Eve, 2019

Raleigh,NC. 60+ degrees. Sat in the sun, on the deck with the dog. Read.

Enjoyed the quiet and the birds visiting at the bird table.

Feeling very privileged to have all that we need and a comfortable, warm place to live.

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Well, all right

Guest Post by Guppy, Lucky Dog 3

She Who Must Be Obeyed says I have to write something. She says I have been coasting along. Just napping through summer! Really! It has been hot here. Too hot to do much but watch Dog TV and nap. And some days she turns off Dog TV because she says too much sunshine is coming in so I have to nap.

Anyway, I’m gonna be a calendar girl. Those nice folks at Saving Grace are making a fund raising calendar and I get to be on it. She and I have been experimenting with poses. She thinks we should use something avant garde (whatever that is) like this ear shot.

But you know that doesn’t show my whole natural beauty. So I don’t know.

Anyway, we’ll have to decide soon. And I get to take a vacation. I’m excited about that! I am going to discover my inner wild dog and run with the pack. What fun! She says there might be squirrels!

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Gosh! It’s HOT!

Guest Post by: Guppy, The Lucky Dog 3

I was really glad that She Who Must Be Obeyed washed the deck. It was really nasty. You know I sit on it.

It is much nicer now. And She has finally finished with all those plants. At least that is what She says. I’ll believe when I see it. Seems like for months now it has been “oh, look at this plant.” Oh, I’m going to buy plants. No you can’t go!” Oh, don’t eat that plant!” “Quit whacking the plants with your tail!” Blah blah plants….blah blah plants. Seems like a lot of money that could be spent buying fun dog toys was spent on PLANTS! Not to mention all this time she spent on PLANTS! And now watering…. I don’t like it when she is throwing a hose around.

So I just get all comfy and there She is “Let’s go out and sit on the deck!” Doesn’t She realize how HOT it is!

I’m just gonna have to start dropping hair again! Don’t ask me to leave the nice cool house!

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Look at this

Guest Post: By Guppy, Lucky Dog 3

I’m gonna get She Who Must Be Obeyed to sign me up for this. And wes got to start trainin’. She is just too slow and always holdin me back when I see a squirrel.

This must be the prize if you come in first.

I might need to rest up before we start training

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Will it ever end?

Guest Post by: Guppy, The Lucky Dog 3

March is an awful month! All that basketball. Will it ever end? I mean that is about all My Ben and She Who Must Be Obeyed do is watch basketball games on TV. They stay up late. Get all excited! She yells at the TV. Really!

If that wasn’t enough, I am going to dog school again. Repeating the same class. She told me that the teacher had called and asked me to be part of the class because I was such a good role model. So I agreed to go. More dogs in class this time. A beagle and his room mate some sort of stubby hound type, a real low rider. And this ditzy little fluff bit that yaps. And my new BFF, Nova. She is a very pretty German Shepard. Very classy. But she knows how to have fun. Anyway, at the first class, since I was supposed to be helping with the class, I was just pointing out to this Lab puppy how he was doing sit all wrong and everyone got all upset with me!!!!!!. So I hid between the shade and the window and just looked out the window for a while. Then when everyone had calmed down I watched the class for a bit. Then that silly lab puppy couldn’t figure out how to walk around so I had to try to explain it to him. And everyone got all upset again! The teacher brought me over some toys. So even though other dogs had touched them I batted them around a bit. Finally all the other dogs left the room and I thought we were going somewhere fun to play. But I had to wait and wait for She and the teacher to finish talking. BLAH BLAH BLAH! So we went outside BUT ALL THE DOGS WERE GONE! Well, that was it! I just sat down and refused to move. I was so upset!

She was a little bit upset with me. And now everyday we have to do homework. And on Saturdays I have to go out for ‘pack walks’. So I can learn how to walk past other dogs without getting upset. You know, all I want to do is be a dog for a bit. When I first arrived at Saving Grace and filled out my questionnaire, I checked that I wanted a family with kids that would play, and a big couch and a fireplace. And what did I get….two old people who can barely move, no couch and no fireplace! Ohhhhhhh But I have made the best of it. I love them with all my heart and protect the house they are gone. So I guess I’ll try to control my outbursts.

The nice thing about March is that I’m sitting out on the deck more.

I have been working on these new black patches.

I think they look real nice when they finally grow out.

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I was a house guest

Guest Post by Guppy, the Lucky Dog 3

For New Years Eve Ben and She were invited to their friends Jim and BK’s place at Lake Gaston. And I got to go too! We have been up there before but never spent the night. This time we spent the night.

It’s a long ride. And I was nervous all day, before we even left. Since I wasn’t really sure what was going on. But anyway, this time I only threw up in the car one time instead of twice. And then only a little bit. Probably because I hadn’t eaten anything all day, on account of being nervous and all. And it was rainin…. it seems to rain a lot here.

We finally got there and She had a nice glass of wine and I had somethin to eat. Since it was rainin we didn’t miss the sunset. I made small talk with our host Jim before dinner.

Look! He laughed at my joke…

So they ate dinner. After dinner I showed Jim and BK what I would do with all those squirrels that they have living up there in their yard. Sheweee, the place was just full of squirrels! Jim and BK were tuckered out so they went to bed before the big celebration. I stayed up with my Ben and She.

I was gonna tell Jim a story but he was already tucked in bed with his book

I had a whole nice couch to sleep on. I slept a long time. In the morning, all the doors have big windows to look out of so I didn’t have to wake anyone up to watch early morning squirrel TV. That was about the only program that was on. You know I like to watch early Morning Dogs and in the afternoon, 5 O’Clock Dogs, when dogs are out walkin with their people. But I guess you can only watch that in the city.

Anyway, I had a big time. She said I was a good guest. I hope we get to do that again.