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Wegmans is coming! Wegmans is coming!

on August 30, 2019

Can you tell I’m excited! I have been waiting for this since before we moved back to Raleigh from Italy! Years now.

The rest of Raleigh is taking it as a big deal too.

It is regularly reported on at least two local news casts. Spoken of as “the State Fair of Grocery Stores”.

Of course they are preaching to the choir when they mail me things.

If they want us there on opening day they will have to send a limo. But we will probably be there that first week. Ohhhh, so excited!

2 responses to “Wegmans is coming! Wegmans is coming!

  1. beenehrc says:

    You are so fortunate to be getting Wegmans. They tried to build a store in Newport News, Va., near us, but local merchants raised a stink and Wegmans pulled out after zoning issues were brought up, according to local news reports. Our loss. We have to drive 50+ miles to Richmond to shop at America’s BEST grocery store. You can have your Giant, Safeway, Harris-Tetter, Kroger, etc. they can’t even compare with Wegmans.



  2. Mike says:

    Interesting thing about Wegman’s–most folks go ga-ga about Wegman’s prepared foods, bakery items, bagels, etc. I’ve always found that their store brand items are my favorites–very competitively priced and probably the highest quality store branded products. Very rarely do I have a complaint about them. Not so for some other grocery chains.


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