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Hummingbird Heaven

on June 25, 2019

My friend Debby lives near Jordan Lake. She is out in the country and has a beautiful yard. She also has two hummingbird feeders and a whole lot of hummingbirds. She makes a gallon of food a week for them.

It was great fun to stand between the two feeders and watch the 10 to 12 hummers fighting over space at the feeder.

She also has the coolest dragon flies that I have ever seen.

It is in the lower right corner of the picture. White body/tail, very flashy wings!

3 responses to “Hummingbird Heaven

  1. Pat Gallarelli says:

    Glad you enjoyed our wildlife! Come sit on the porch and enjoy the hummers again.


  2. Jules Hardy says:

    Wow, the real thing, not like those little humming bees we had in Italy !


  3. I remember getting excited when i saw the first hummingbird moth there, thinking it was a real hummeringbird…. I have never looked to see if there are any in Europe. America has a number of varieties, but here in east coast we get primarily ruby throated. I only see one female. Debby has a big group of them. Mixed sexes and ages. It is great fun to watch them and listen to them zipping around


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