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All Stiched Up

on May 27, 2019

We have a bed of cannas in the front. Most probably started by our former neighbor, Ott. The first year we were here, I thinned them out. Giving two large bags of them to our mailman. It didn’t even looked like I had thinned them.

Last Fall I got an ornamental grass on sale. I just stuck it in by the red fence. That was a fine place for it to winter but I realized there was not enough sun for it and the beautiful red plumes that it should produce in the Fall, would be lost against the red fence. So I moved it out to a pot in the front and surrounded it by cannas for summer interest. Of all the cannas, I picked the three plants that had bugs. Or maybe they got bugs after I moved them.

It is a very industrious bug.

Can you see the white ‘stiches’ that are sealing up the leaves? These are rather strong. I tried to run my thumb nail through them and got no where. The leaf is stiched up so that it won’t unfurl until the ‘eggs’ or whatever inside has hatched, eaten the tender part of the leaf and grown big enough to fend for itself.

This is the type of damage that is going on and what the leaves will look like when what ever it is emerges

I have found the whole thing kind of interesting to watch and since I have oodles of cannas I have let the bugs be to enjoy. Maybe I’ll see what comes out…

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