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Hmmm, getting excited

on February 24, 2019

Well excitment is building…..

Hiring has started for Wegmans. The excitment is building. Our Harris-Teeter is going to be remodeled. I guess they think they might have some serious competition. I’m telling you, Raleigh will soon be a great place to grocery shop. Now, if we could just get decent wine at a decent price….

One response to “Hmmm, getting excited

  1. Michael says:

    Wegman’s is building another store here too…very close actually in Alexandria near the Eisenhower Road Metro. It will be one of their newer concept urban stores. We’ll see. Actually between many ALDIs to go to, Trader Jos nearby, and the various Asian markets we have, Northern Virginia has a terrific choice of supermarket shopping. Lidl is also expanding here as well. Harris Teeter is creeping up everywhere and I’m not very fond of them actually. At first they were very customer service oriented…but after being acquired by a corporate giant (I think Kroger), things changed, particularly customer service. Same thing happened to Giant, if you remember. Mostly I stick to Wegman’s, the Asian markets, AlDI and Trader JOs.


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