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This COLD has got to go

Guest Post: Guppy, the Lucky Dog 3

You know she keep tellin me that it was going to get cold.  I guess I just didn’t beleive her.  The cold is makin the front dog TV set act up real bad.  It’s all blurry in the mornings.

My big dog TV set…look how blurry

It took me a while but I figured out that I could sit on the bed and look out at the back yard.  In the back it is mainly squirrels squirrels squirrels.  The front set plays people walking and 5 O’clock dogs.  That is one of my favorites.  I’m really happy that I’m not a 5 O’clock dog.  Sitting at home all alone all day….just waiting for my people to come home.  I’m so lucky my people are home so much.  

Look how much clearer the picture is back here

Now that it has gotten cold that big ole man is back.

He’s hanging around the stairs now

You might remember a few months ago, I thought I had told him what’s what and he was gone for good.  But somehow he came wandering back.  She says it is to keep all the heat downstairs.  And I guess he does that.  So far he has minded his own business and not bothered me.  Maybe he learned his lesson.  I hope so.

I was real disappointed that my dog school class was cancelled.  Now she is makin me walk with her and practise sitting and waiting.  She says I’m gettin a little bit out of hand and I need to start payin attention better.  I think she needs to start buying me more toys!  Just look

Toys in my bed

Not nearly enough.  I’m sure I need more…..

She wants to add a note:  I’m using a new ‘editor’ and can’t find spell check.  Sorry about any errors.

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55 Years

Yes, that is how long Ben has been out of high school.  The first weekend in November we went to his high school reunion in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  Even though the school was in Norfolk, many reunions ago, the planning committee worked out a deal with The Oceanfront Inn at Virginia Beach to hold the reunion there and there they have stayed.  Why not?  Ocean front rooms at a very good price. Indoor pool.  Good location.  Ben and I have gone to several reunions.  Arranging our trips back to the US around them.  (and The Oceanfront Inn is our stopping place when we are traveling up the east coast)

Ben’s sister, Bea, was in the class behind him.  So she enjoys coming to this reunion too.


These events have always been a sartorial challenge for me.  Ben’s classmates are older, very well coiffed and pampered women.  And if I am asked to appear in anything but overalls or jeans I go in to a big panic.  But thanks to my good friend, Dinah, I had two very sophisticated silk tops to wear that I think were just the ticket.

IMG_0038 (2)

The beach looked great too.





All in all it was a wonderful weekend.  I will just have to write, that Guppy’s 2 half day and 2 full day stay (or 3 days)  at the dog spa cost the same as our two night stay in an oceanfront room.  I knew she would cost us, but not that much.  Anyway, I think she over partied.  A day after picking her up she is still asleep.

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What’s up

Well, I have finally bought a camera so maybe I will be updating this more often.  Certainly glad that Guppy is keeping up with her guest posts.  She has such a difficult life you know.  So much to complain about.  Yeah, RIGHT!

We haven’t been doing too much.  October was just one appointment after another.  I am glad that is over.  Still warm weather here.  We might, might, have a frost this coming weekend.  I went ahead and pulled flowers out the boxes and dug the elephant ear bulbs.  Quiet a lot of elephant ear bulbs.  We’ll see how many come up next spring.


For next year, I am thinking of planting the large elephant ears in pots along the ugly fence and putting the darker leaf ones in the planter boxes with caladiums.

Before  one appointment we managed to eat at Mr. Dumpling in Apex.  Hmmmmm, a very good Chinese restaurant.


Several different dumplings are offered.  And classic Chinese preparations


Eggplant with chili garlic sauce


Dried Fried Green Beans


And one of my all time favs, Beef Chow Fun.  I knew we would over order.  We always do.  I was prepared for left overs which provided us with two more meals.  It was wonderful.  We will be back there this week.   I’m excited about that.

I hope November is calmer……

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