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Introducing Guppy

on May 28, 2018

Guppy has taken time from her busy schedule to write a

Guest Post:  By Guppy, the Third Lucky Dog

It has been a whirl wind spring for me.  One day I was down and out on my luck and then the next I was at Saving Grace, (link to Saving Grace web site).  They are just really nice folks there.  Then I was off for a little surgery and then on May 4,  I came to live with She Who Must Be Obeyed and Ben.  I have to be honest, I was kind of hoping for a home with some kids and a big comfy sofa.  These folks are old.  Ben is really old and uses a wheel chair.  It only took one time for me to catch on that wheel chairs run over toes! She is okay.  She takes me for nice walks and plays with me a lot.


I get to sit outside on the deck.  Which is really nice.


And I get to watch a lot of Dog TV.  Wow, it is really interesting, all kinds of action, lots of dogs and people.  It’s good!


So She has this BIG bed, but won’t let me share it with her!  But She does let me use when She isn’t using it.  So I guess that is okay.


This is my bed.  Between Ben’s chair and that BIG BED.  But that is okay.  I can keep track of both of them.

And She put me in Dog School.  Like I need it….. Really?  She needs it.  It took me TWO WHOLE DAYS of snubbing that awful food she bought me.  I was gettin’ a little faint before she finally went back to the store and bought the kind I like.  So I hope this school helps her.


Otherwise, I’m having a very good spring.  Thank you for asking.



3 responses to “Introducing Guppy

  1. Dinah says:

    Guppy is a very lucky dog who landed on his/her paws when s/he found you. Nancy to whom I sent Guppy’s blog has taken in a neighbour’s dog who was being very bad treated so she now, too, has a dog who has been rescued and like guppy is only allowed on the bed for a few moments in the morning when mammy says it is okay.

    The moment we move to Florence (the compromesso is on Thursday May 31) I am getting a cat. If we get a dog, which I suspect we will eventually, it will be because Allen wants to commit to it and is prepared to take responsability for it. A cat is easier and can go back and forth to Lucignano with us at will as could a dog too, of course.

    Enjoy Guppy. Guppy, enjoy Ben and Martha also known as Mummy and Daddy.


  2. Alyssa says:

    Congratulations! She sounds like a super sweet pooch and is indeed a Lucky Dog to have found your home. Enjoy your new family member this summer!

    P.S. That stenciled porch still looks awesome! An excellent backdrop for Guppy. 🙂


  3. metruman says:

    Congratulations to all! Guppy is a very lucky dog! The pictures didn’t open. Hugs, Betty

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