can't you see the sunshine….

Work has started

on February 14, 2017

A number of years ago, Ben and I spent a week in a small house in a very small village, in the south of France.  One day I put laundry out to dry and we left.  A wind storm developed while we were gone and when we came back we discovered that laundry was all over the place.  I had to go through several yards to reclaim my ‘knickers’ (as my friend Jules would say) and ended up in the yard of the manor house.  The husband of the woman who had inherited it all was there and we started chatting.  He was  Scottish, and had worked for BP all over the world.  Very interesting man.  Then he started talking about when they first got the place and started trying to clean and update it.  “I couldn’t believe the electrical box.  Wires coming out it from every where.  We started pulling wires.  Lights started going off in that little  house (pointing just outside the wall)  and then that one and then that one.”  Turns out that most of the village  was getting their electricity through his meter.  Ben and I snickered over that for the rest of the trip.

So this morning I was over to see how work was  going on our condo.  The electrician called me to show me this



This is where my bathtub was.  The other side of the wall is a room owned by my neighbor.  Evidently this plug has been wired in to my electrical source for 30 some years.  I laughed and thought of that Scottish Frenchman.

Anyway, work started last week.  Just ripping out so far.  So this has become




this.  Wow huh?  I guess I need to get busy and finish picking tile, cabinets and things.

Ben and I were both sick last week.  The whole week.  We are feeling better and got out today.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.  Happy Valentine’s Day!



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