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It takes a village

on December 21, 2016

Way back in October when we received this


I discovered that there were three formal dinner nights during our cruise.  THREE!!! Yikes, I didn’t really have anything  to wear that would pass for formal for one night, much less THREE!  So because I didn’t have anything else to be worried about I deceided to hyper focus on what I was going to wear to three dinners two months in the future.

The weather had turned reliably chilly enough that it was time for me to put away summer clothes and drag out winter things.  I did a ‘move purge’ while doing that and had bags of clothes to donate.  Richard also had some things to donate and he agreed to come along with us to Emmaus (pronounced Emouse).  (sort of like a Goodwill).  After donating I figured I would look for a ‘dead bridesmaid dress’ or a ‘mother of the bride’ frock.

So we went on a rainy day.  I flipped through racks of clothes, cursing the tiny Italian women who are all size two.  The stereo type of curvy, full figured Italian Mommas is just that, a stereotype.  By and large, these women really are small.  Or at least the fashion conscious women who donate their clothes after a season or so of wearing.  Richard came over and started helping me look.  We found some beautiful priests’ garments which would have fit me but decided I might turn too many heads (and would have to be on very good behavior) to walk in to the QM2 dining room wearing priest vestements.   We found a beautiful Morracan caftan, lovely white fabric, beading around the neck.  I tried it on and Richard remarked that it looked like I was part of a gospel choir.  (Oh, gosh, more good behavior required)  Then he found these



Beautiful, navy blue silk, beaded pants and scarf.  AND THEY FIT!!!!!  (a little long of course, but Ida will help me hem them)  And they are designer,  Marina Rinaldi (part of Max Mara).   Folks who know me know that I really don’t care who designed it, I care about fabric, fit and price.  These fit all three categories, priced at less than $30.  And no good behavior required while wearing them.  SCORE!!!!

I was so tickled to get them.  I called my other fashion consultant, Dinah, who generously went through her closet and brought over 2 nice silk tops.


Here’s one of them.  Since we didn’t have to go looking for tops, we went looking for shoes.  A real problem.  Keep in mind, that to get to dinner I will be pushing a large man in a wheel chair there.  No futzing around in a pair of high heels.  I need good basic shoes with traction or at least a flat sole.

Good, I took Dinah along.  I would have bought the first pair of glittery bedroom slippers that I saw.  She very patiently went through the store, “no Martha”  “Really?”  No, Martha”  We settled on these, plain black neoprene, with a black sole.  I dressed them up with a bit of bling, repurposed gold earings from the ‘Chinese Dollar’ store.


So with the help of a village I have  comfortable, fashionable outfits for less than $60 that will look just fine at a formal dining table on the Queen Mary 2.



3 responses to “It takes a village

  1. Mike says:

    Cunard’s Queens are among the very few ships left with assigned “formal” nights…and 3 in a 6 night sailing is silly, in my opinion. Having made two QM2 sailings with this overdone formal attire business, I decided I’d not do another one…I’m sure others have felt the same…


    • It was a pain. Especially getting Ben in a suit. And a tie….. well that was an experience. We could have eaten in a different restaurant if we wanted and I felt like the food in King’s Court was as good as the food in the restaurant, but it was fun to eat with others and have a chance to talk with them so we did.


  2. metruman says:

    Make sure you get a picture of you in your new duds! Betty


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